Sample Images, taken by PSV-100W5

Sky View is a device that takes images of the sky at regular intervals and automatically saves them to a storage device (such as HDD)
on your computer in order to monitor the state of the sky. The images are saved in JPEG format. Download Brochure

Below are the images of sky at the roof top of Prede Co., Ltd., Fusssa, Tokyo, Japan (16th December 2021)

05:30JST 06:00JST 06:30JST 07:00JST 07:30JST 08:00JST
08:30JST 09:00JST 09:30JST 10:00JST 10:30JST 11:00JST
11:30JST 12:00JST 12:30JST 13:00JST 13:30JST 14:00JST
14:30JST 15:00JST 15:30JST 16:00JST 16:30JST 17:00JST
17:30JST 18:00JST 18:30JST 19:00JST 19:30JST 20:00JST

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