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Sun Tracker ASTX-5
This instrument is a automatic sun tracker for using the pyrheliometer. Normal solar trackin is calculated mode with the built in CPU, But when the sun appears to improve the tracking accuracy change to San sensor mode. Low cost lightweight compact
Sun Tracker ASTX-5
- Designed for equiping a pyrheliometer for the measurement of DNI.
- Fully automatic sun tracking by the built-in CPU
- Low cost 

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Zenith angle -10 to 120° (0=Zenith)
Azimuth angle ±180°(0=south)
Tracking method Automqatic calculation of sun trajectory by built-in CPU
Orbit correction Sun position sensor
It works with the direct light and automatically correct the sun tracking position. Tracking mode will be switched to the calculation mode when the direct sun is not present.
Drive system 2-axis drive pulse motor and gear
Controller Built-in CPU
Communication Standard: 100 to 240VAC, 2A, 50/60Hz (or DC)
Cable 10m
Material Aluminum and SUS
Surface treatment White paint and alumite
Weight Approx. 11kg
Option GPS
Sensors to be used Pyrheliometer CHP1, PCH-2, etc.

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