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Sun Tracker for Solar Panel Research ASTX-500
ASTX-500 is a 2 axis (Azimuth&Zenith = horizontal and vertical) sun tracker. While mounting the solar panels, ASTX-500 always follows the direction of the sun accuratelly, by the sun position sensor and built in CPU. Based on those features, solar panels are always facing to the sun (that optimize the power generating efficiency). This instrument is suitable for the evaluation of the solar panels. Both sample panels and standard panel can be mounted on this sun tracker for the comparative evaluation. Together with the solar panel, pyranometer and pyrheliometer also could be fitted for more detailed research. Data processing sysmtem could be supplied as option.
Sun Tracker ASTX-500
- 2-axis Sun tracker for solar panels
- Suitable for the research and evaluation
- Customizable based on the solar panel

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Maximum loading area 2m x 1.8m (Standard) / Other size are also available.
Maximum loading weight 30kg
Power 100VAC / 3A
Rotation driver part
Axis 2-axis (Azimuth and Zenith)
Drive system Pulse motor x 2
Controller x 2
Driver x 2
Azimuth angle South = 0, West = +, East -
Azimuth movable range +/- 140 degrees
Zenith movable range 10 to 80 degrees
Resolution of rotation Zenith angle is dependent upon the angle (min. 0.025 degrees)
Azimuth 0.0005 degrees
Correction of the position 4 element Si sensor
Communication part
Interface RS232C
Baud rate 9600bps
Data bit 8bit
Parity None
Start/Stop bit 1 bit each
Communication protocol None
Operation part
Auto-Tracking mode Automatic sun tracking mode by the internal CPU
Manual Operation (Option) Manually set the required direction (PC is necessary)

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