_Portable type of grating sunphotometer
_ Result can be checked with the LCD
_ USB Memory Interface : Can be operated without PC

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ASTX-1 is an automatic sun tracker for the measurement of the direct solar radiation, by mounting pyrheliometer, or sunphotometer.
This tracker accuratly follow the direction of the sun by the sun position sensor, controled by the built-in CPU.
PC is not necessary for the routine operation.

ASTX-1 Specification
Zenith angle -30 to +120 degrees (0=Zenith angle)
Azimuth angle +/- 180 degrees (0=south)
Tracking method Automatic calculation of path of the sun by the built-in CPU.
Correction of the position Sun position sensor (when the sun is present on the sky)
@ Turn to be calculation mode, when the sun is not present.
Drive system 2 axis Pulse motor
Controller Built-in CPU
Communication Interface RS232C (This can be coltrolled by PC)
Power 100VAC, 2A, 50/60Hz (DC power model is also available)
Weight 25kg