_ Portable type of grating sunphotometer
_ Result can be checked with the LCD
_ USB Memory Interface : Can be operated without PC

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PHF-100L is an indoor type* of the heat flux snesor, that measures the amount of transient heat per unit area of the surface, and read out the voltage output in mV.
This is silicon membrane flexible type sensor, that can be mounted on the curved surface.
Every single sensors were individually calibrated with it's own sensitivity, so that they are very suitable to be used with data logger.

*This sensor is not designed for water tight, so that it is not recomended for the outdoor use.

PHF-100L Specification
Standard Sensitivity Approx. 100W/m²/mV
Standard internal resistance Approx. 400 Ohm
Dimension 83 x 30 x 2(t) mm
Material Black Silicone
Operating temperature range -20 to 120 degC
Cable 10m duplex shield cable (Standard)
Minimum bending radius Approx. R15mm