_ Automatic shading blade for the diffused solar radiation measurement.
_ 2 operation mode can be selected
1. Intermittent mode for the simultaneous measurement of both global and diffused solar radiation.
2. Diffused radiation measurement mode.

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PRB-100 Rotating Shadow Blade is an instrument to shade the pyraometer from the direct sun for the measurement of the diffused solar radiation.
Shadow blade is tilted based on the latitude of the installation site, and the intermittent movement of the blade is controled by the built-in CPU and pulse motor.
Be above feature, PRB-100 can measure both global and diffused solar radiation simultaneously.
By the modification of the settings, measurement can be limitted only for the diffused light as well.

PRB-100 Specification
Field of view 5 degrees
Tilt angle 1 degree
Blade diameter 582mm
Blade width 50mm
Configureble range of latitude 20 to 50 degrees
Drive method Pulse motor and CPU
Junctino signal Output a singal displaying a current state
Power supply AC100V
Cable 10m
Dimension D500 x W250 x H700mm
Weight 12kg
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