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POM-02 Skyradiometer
POM-02 Skyradiometer measures circumsolar radiation and spectrum intensity of the direct solar radiation for the research of the size distribution and concentration of the aerosols.
Sensor part is loaded on the sun tracker, and it automatically follows the direction of the sun by the sun sensor.
Measured data are stored to the PC after the process by the micro processor.
In addition to the features of POM-01, filters for the long wavelengths and a feature of cloud measurement are added.
Skyradiometer POM-02
- Size distribution and concentration of the aerosols can be measured
- Operated in all over the world
- Ideal for the combination with LIDAR and Skyview Camera 

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Half field of view 0.5 degrees
Minimum scattering angle 3 degrees
Wavelengths 11 wavelengths : 315, 340, 380, 400, 500, 675, 870, 940, 1020, 1627, 2200 nm
Wavelength selection Filter wheel method
Detector Short wavelengths: Silicon photodiode / Long wavelengths: InGaAs element
Driver Puslemotor
Azimuth angle +/- 350 degrees
Zenith angle 150 degrees
Sun sensor 4 element slicon sensor
Measurement modes Direct solar radiation mode / Scattering solar radiation mode
Communication Interface RS422
Power consumption 200W (100V/2A)
Power 100 - 240 VAC/2A
Weight Skyradiometer 19kg
Cable etc.: 4kg
Cable specification
Cable length 20m (50m Option)
Weight 10kg
Power cable S-VSVC 3 core 2.0
diameter 8.5φ
Communication cable S-VSVC 5 core 0.2
diameter 5.0 φ
NOTE: For mre details, please refer the SKYNET group website.

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