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Sun Tracker
Sun Tracker is an instrument to follow the position of the sun automatically for the measurement of the direct solar radiation.
Skyradiometer measures the circumstance light, optical depth of aerosol, and particle diameter distribution.
Grating Sunphotometer
Grating sunphotometer measures the spectroscopic intensity of the direct solar radiation.
Global Spectro Photometer
Grating Spectro Photometer for the global solar radiation
Sky View
:CCD camera with fish eye camera for the shooting images of the sky wihin 180 degrees of field of view.
I/V Curve Tester
Measurement of the I/V curve, transferred from the trigger signal from the solar simulator.
Transmits a laser beam to the atmosphere and receives backscattered light from aerosols, for the measurement of the dust and aerosols distribution.
Heat Flux Sensor
Circular plate sensor for the measurement of the heat flow of the walls, soil, and etc.
PAR Quantum Sensors
Low cost quantum sensors, best for the observation of Agricultural Meteorology. 
It measures the quantity of photon within the solar spectrum range of 400 to 700nm, which affects the photosynthesis of the plants.

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