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_ Automatically shoot the images of the sky
_ The sun is always shaded by the shading blade
_ Images will be stored with JPEG format

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.PSV-100W2 Skyview all-sky camera shoot the images of the sky in every scheduled period of the time and it automatically stores the images to the PC as JPEG files.
Shading blade automatically follows the path of the sun and blocks the direct sun light all the time, based on
the information of the latitude and longitude, preliminary configured into the software, in order to prevent the direct solar beam on the camera.

PSV-100W2 Specification
Shading blade system
Tracking method Automatic calculation of the sun position by the internal micro computer.
Drive system 5 phase stepper motor
Azimuth axis +/- 180 degrees (0=South)
Controller Control board (H8 Micro computer)
Shading blade tracking accurary Approx. +/- 0.36 degrees
Interface Images (USB), GPS (Serial)
Operating temperature range -10 to +40degreeC
Weight Approx. 10kg
GPS Automatic setting of time, latitude and longitude of the tracking unit.
Camera Unit
Lens Focal distance F1.4 to 3.1 (mm)
Lens Diaphragm range F1.4 to Close
Lens angle of view 180 degrees
Projection method Y=1.24・f・sin(θ/1.24)
Lens mount CS
Image sensor CMOS(e2v)
Valid pixels 1600(H) x 1200(V)
Sensor size 1/18"
Interface USB
Power (Voltage) USB (5VDC)
Weight Approx. 1.5kg
General Specification
Power 100 to 240VAC
Power Consumption <200W
Total Weight Approx. 11.5kg (Cables are not included)
Power cable 20m (3 core 2.0m^2) Cables can be extended by option
Control signal cable 20m (3 core 0.3m^2) Cables can be extended by option
Ventilation fan PO-159 (Frost prevention)
Heater PO-160 (20 to 30W)
OS Windows-7 (Not compatible with Windows Vista)
PC Requirements:
OS: Windows-7 (32bit), Windows-8 (32bit)
Memory : >1GB
Free Space in HDD: >10GB
Monitor resolution: 1024 x 768 dots (XGA)
Display color: >16Bit color
Serial port: 1 port (9600bps) for the maintenance purpose only.

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