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List of Products

Skyradiometer measures the circumstance light, optical depth of aerosol, and particle diameter distribution.
Sun Tracker
Sun TrackerSun Tracker
It follows the position of the sun automatically for the measurement of the DNI (Direct Normal Irradiance)
Sky View
Sky ViewSky View Camera
CCD camera with fish ey amera for the shooting images of the sky within 180 degrees of field of view.
Heat Flux Sensor
Heat Flux SensorHeat Flux Sensor
Circular plate sensor for the measurement of the heat flow of the walls, soil, and etc.
Grating Sunphotometer
Grating SunphotometerGrating Sunphotometer
(Temporally out of production / New Model is under development)
Grating sunphotometer measures the spectroscopic intensity of the direct solar radiation.
Global Spectro Photometer
Global Spectro PhotometerGlobal Spectro Photometer
(Temporally out of production / New Model is under development)
Grating Spectro Photometer for the global solar radiation.
Weather Station
Weather StationWeather Station
Combination of the weather monitoring instruments, typically for the wind, solar radiation, humidity, temperature, rain, etc.
othersOther Products
Other products, manufactured by Prede Co., Ltd.