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We protect the customer's personal information based on our strict standard of the preservation of confidentiality.
Access to the customer's information is limitted only to the authorized person, and the entry is controled by the ID and Password.
Authorized person strictly controls the customer's information.
Customer's information will be used only for the purpose of providing products and service.
We will not dislose the customer's information, unless previously agreed with the customer by an official document, or unless such information was legally required.
We may send the e-mail to the customer with the product and service information. However, In case the customer requested to unsubscribe our e-mail, we will no longer send any e-mails to those particular customers.
In case of the reqeust to disclose or modification of the customer's information maintained by our company from the said person, we will immediatelly cater to the request, but only after the appropriate identification procedure.
For the purpose of the control of the credit extending, we may exchange the customer's information.
This would be only with the reliable organization of the credit information.
We regularly and continuously carry out the self-assessment, and expend all possible means to protect the customer's information.

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